Belt Colors

Belt Colors

Single Color – This is a single color belt, whether left natural or stained with an antique color.  The natural color belt is tooled, edged, and cleaned, and then a clear lacquer finish is applied to the belt, preserving the natural color of the leather.  A Fiebing’s brand leather antique can also be applied, giving the belt a medium to dark brown color.  The stain darkens the cuts and crevices in the leather, adding some depth of color to the belt.  If Single is chosen, please designate whether it is to be Single Color Natural or Single Color Antique

Single Color Antique Brown

Two Tone Natural – This color scheme creates a two-tone color effect.  The background of the pattern is dyed a dark cordovan/black color which serves to highlight the floral design.  The dye is carefully applied by hundreds of brush strokes to the areas where the background tool was used.  The edge of the belt is also carefully dyed the same dark color.  This color scheme preserves the natural look of the leather while highlighting the floral design.

Two Color Natural With Dyed Background

Two Tone Antique – This color scheme is the same as Two Tone Natural (shown above) except that an antique finish is applied to the belt after the background has been dyed.  This provides the same beautiful two-tone effect which highlights the floral design, but also darkens the entire belt to a medium to dark brown color.

Two Color Antique with Dyed Background

Three Tone (Brown) – This color scheme provides a unique three-tone look to the pattern.  Rather than adding a third color, the process actually preserves a portion of the natural color of the belt, which provides for the three-tone look.  After dying the belt, a clear lacquer is applied to the flowers and leaves of the pattern and is allowed to dry.  When the antique finish is applied, the lacquer prevents the antique from penetrating the leather, thus creating the lighter third tone.  The lacquer can be applied to the entire flower, or only to the overlays as shown in Three Tone (Black).  This is the most popular color scheme.

Three Color Antique With Dyed Background and Highlighted Flowers

Three Tone (Black) – This color scheme gives the belt an overall darker tone by dying both the background and the thumbprint border around the edges of the pattern.  Although the same exact colors are used between both three tone color schemes, the difference is quite dramatic. Three Tone (Black) is a little “dressier” and looks great with darker slacks or jeans.

Three Color Antique with Dyed Background & Border, Highlighted Flowers

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