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Kent Flake

All belts are handcrafted by Kent Flake of Mesa, Arizona.  Kent learned the art of leathercraft while working for Reidhead Saddlery in Gilbert, Arizona.  He started tooling belts as a teenager, putting in as many hours at the shop as he could after school and during the summer season.  Kent’s tooling talent was first learned from a book and enhanced by working with one of the saddle makers in the shop.  However, it wasn’t until the master craftsman, Orville Exline came to Reidhead’s that Kent was able to perfect the craft.  Orville, or “X” as his friends called him, took Kent as his apprentice and helped him refine the art of tooling leather.  Over the years Kent has made belts as a hobby, but recently decided to devote more time to the craft.

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